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Gaia Symphony No.6
Every Existence Resonates Together

The remarkable scientific and technological advancement in recent years has revealed to us that everything in the universe is vibrating, that everything - the galaxy, the solar system, the earth, oceans, mountains, forests, rocks, animals, plants, bacteria, even individual atoms - is playing its own "music," and resonating together. In the words of one astrophysicist, "before humans made music, "music" made the cosmos, gave birth to life and made human life as well."

There is a saying nada brahma which means the world is made of sound, or Sound is God, God is Sound. While this is a teaching of the several thousand year old Hinduism in India, similar teachings are to be found in all of the world religions and myths including Buddhism. Long before the advances of science, human beings knew this truth. And it can be said that the sciences of the 21st Century -astrophysics, electronics, biology, medicine, genetic engineering, and so on - are rediscovering the truth of nada brahma.

In the vigorous and changing world in which we live, everything that exists, while playing its own "music," is also vibrating and interacting with everything else, giving birth to one new harmony after the next - the live performance of a splendid symphony. But of late, a conspicuous cacophony can be heard in this eternal symphony. This is the "sound" emanating from us, human beings. If we continue to send out this gross discordance, the symphony will lose the harmony and become a chaos of sound, and come to a wretched end.

The reason for this dissonance in the human performance is quite clear. In the singular pursuit of our own comfort and ease, we have closed our ears to all others playing around us. Without listening to the "music" of our fellow performers, it is only natural that we are unable to contribute to the creation of a beautiful concerto.

We now hope that humans will open their ears once again to the "music" that is being played by other existences in the world. With our ears open, we can once again participate in the creation of the cosmos', of Gaia's, new symphony.

The Gaia Symphony No. 6 will take you on a journey that will enable you to "see the music and listen to the light."

Jin Tatsumura

Gaia Symphony No. 6 (2007)
Ravi Shankar (INDIA)- Musician, Sitarist

"Nada Brahma = Sound is God."

Born in Benares, India in 1920, Shankar began rigorous training in the sitar at the age of 15 under the guidance of Ustad A. Kahn, maestro of Indian music. In 1952, Shankar met with Yehudi Menuhin and the two collaborated at the United Nations Human Rights Week in 1967. During the 1960s, Shankar performed at the Monterey Pop Festival, Woodstock, and other festivals where he found an enthusiastic following among the youth of this age. Since 1974, Shankar has worked to return to the roots of Indian music. In 2001, Shankar was bestowed an honorary knighthood by the Queen of England and appointed Global Ambassador at the World Economic Forum. In 2005, Shankar was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Filmed at: New Delhi, India
Kelly Yost (USA) - Pianist

"Not perform but reveal"

Born in Idaho in 1940, Yost began playing the piano at age of 6. After majoring in Music and Philosophy at the University of Idaho, she attended graduate school at the University of Southern California where she majored in Piano Performance. Yost played Field's Nocturne No.1 for Gaia Symphony No. 4 in 2000, and Bach's Prelude No. 4 and Pachelbel's Canon for Gaia Symphony No. 5 in 2004. In addition to her performance work, Yost is a central figure in the environmental protection movement in Idaho.

Filmed at: Idaho, USA
Roger Payne (USA) - Marine Biologist

"Beauty sill save the world."

A famous researcher of whales, Dr. Payne was the first to suggest that the humpback whale sings "songs." Payne's research work extends to all the oceans around the world and all species of whales. He has been on more than 100 research voyages. In 1967, Payne established Ocean Alliance, an organization for the protection of the ocean and conservation of whales. Payne graduated from the Harvard University, and received a Ph.D. at the Cornell University. He is also an accomplished cellist.

Filmed at: Vermont and Massachusetts (Cape Ann), USA
Anoushka Shankar
(INDIA) - Musician, Sitarist
A leading sitar player in 21century. Daughter of Ravi.

Paul Winter - Musician, Soprano Sax
World famous Sax player, close friend of Roger.

---The Sound of the Void---

Yuji Nara (Bow, Spirit Catcher)

KNOB (Didgeridoo)

Unryu (Flute)

Kazuya Nagaya (Percussion, Sanukite)

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